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About our company

Have you ever thought of growing your own leafy green and herbs at home? Hydroponic gardening at home could be the answer to what you are searching for. Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without the utilization of soil. This is something which is gaining momentum throughout the farming community. Hydroponics essentially involves growing organic food, food which is free of pesticides and residues through the utilization of hydroponics nutrients rich water solution instead of traditional soil medium.

Our company started with the aim to produce clean food locally and providing reliable hydroponic systems to scale up sustainable production of food with minimum utilization of resources. We are committed to help you leverage the power of best hydroponic system to grow sustainable food for the community. We enable growers of all sizes to fully optimize their space and sell real food to the local markets.

You can set up an indoor garden or can do farming in balcony and can grow organic food using the best hydroponic equipment and technology. Hydroponic gardening at home is becoming a popular choice among growers worldwide due to its sustainable approach. Our company has assembled the best and the brightest hydroponic kits and all other hydroponic supplies to transform the way agriculture is practised .By using our easy hydroponics systems, growers can do farming in limited area and can grow delicious, nutritious leafy green vegetables and herbs .We have taken the practice of indoor farming and home farming to a new level of precision and high productivity with the minimum impact on the environment and virtually no risk. Clients can grow wide varieties of leafy greens and herbs and everything that is grown in our hydroponic system is safe, clean, pesticide, herbicide free and organic.

About our products

Our hydroponic approach to growing plants is helping individuals and companies to grow large varieties of leafy greens and herbs which are equally good to organic. Our unique business model and hydroponics farming solutions allow anyone to become a food producer. The turn key hydroponic farming solutions we offer allow individuals to set up hydroponic garden in their homes or set up productive farms for outdoor farming. So now anyone can start growing crops and can become local crop producer without many efforts. We are promoting the habit of consuming home grown food among local communities. Our expert team optimizes hydroponic set up for faster harvest cycles, production of organic hydroponics plants of high quality with lesser impact on environment. Our team constantly monitors all the hydroponic nutrients requirements of the plants to provide everything they need to thrive. Our experts have been constantly reviewing, testing and improving our hydroponic systems to enable you practice farming in garden or farming in balconies and you can do hydroponic gardening at home with the most superior and consistent results.

About Client Support, Facility & Services

Our company extends customized organic hydroponics green house facilities to the clients to maximize food production efficiency through the installation of automated growing systems. The technology facilitates the practice of farming in indoor and you can have your own indoor garden where hydroponic growing of plants is made possible. The technology promotes the practice of organic farming where high quality food is grown with extended shelf life and also the food free of pesticide, herbicide is grown by making optimal use of available resources. Our efficient hydroponic crop growing system empowers individuals and organisations to produce high quality hydroponic plants sustainably all the year round. We create and design smart farming opportunities for our clients and promote sustainable and healthy living to everyone. Whether you are a business owner or a motivated individual, our team can work with you to meet all your produce requirements.

Why Hydroponic

Farmers have grown up on the idea that good water, good soil and lots of sunlight translate into good farming. That may have been true for most farmers, for a great deal of time.
But new research and practice have shown that what healthy plants really require are good seeds, good water and nutrients.
Plants do not really require soil. And plants need not sunlight, but spectrum. The entire process of photosynthesis possible when the plant separates the sunlight to soak in the spectrum that it requires. use blue, red or yellow spectrum.
Some use white spectrum as well

Hydropoincs - hydro means water, and ponos means labour

Means the growing of plants in any medium -- sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients  and water, but without soil which can be a distinct advantage in areas where existing garden soil is poor, or for apartment dwellers where growing in soil is inconvenient.